Total Bright - Totalbright a total ripoff

Lacey, Washington 0 comments

A advertisement for total bright popped up,so we inquired about getting a sample for $4.95.We were unaware of the fourteen day period to cancel or be charged $129.00 for membership.

After calling and speaking to the manager you find out the membership is for discounted products. I explained if people wanted the product they would order without buying a unwanted membership.

After arguing for a half hour I did finally get a 10% refund, I take as a admission of guilt and fraud.Hopefully if everyone sticks together and complains we can all get a full refund.

Review about: Totalbright Teeth Whitener.

Total Bright is Totally SCAM!!!

Atlanta, Georgia 2 comments
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I order Teeth whiting product from Total Bright since I saw advertisement on CNN under "Special News" section. But I found later that they are using CNN (Big name) to do scam by selling CNN's name indirectly.

This is Total SCAM!!!

They charged me $129.59 additional even though they says free on web page.

When you I called them they simply told me that I can not get refund since I did not cancel within 14days.

They are doing very unethical business and totally scam!!!

Please DO NOT BUY anything from Total Bright... It is scam

Review about: Total Bright.



I too got ripped---they billed me and did not send anything. I had my CCard Co call then and cancled for me, however I still had to pay.


Whats the number you called ? I called the 1-877-636-2294 I was on hold for 2hrs and no one picked up ... :(

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